Commercial & Residential Garage Doors

About Trac-Rite® Rolling Doors

Are you researching which type of garage door will be best for your home or business? Let us here at Buffalo Overhead Door help! Trac-Rite® sells high-quality up doors that will protect your possessions and your property.

Your Options

  • Model 944 (made for residential & self-storage uses)
  • Model 955 (made for commercial use)
  • Model 988 (ideal for large openings)

Model 944

The Model 944 could be the perfect fit for your home. This option is durable, attractive, and is even available in a selection of colors. This model can even come in custom sizes!

Model 955

The Model 955 is best used for light-duty commercial properties including for farm buildings, warehouses, and auto body shops. This model is ideal if your commercial properties who have large door openings and building who have high eave structures and low door heights.

Model 988

The Model 988 is best used for commercial properties including warehouses, car washes, and shipping docks for industries. As a durable and attractive option, it even requires minimum maintenance for years to come. Most business use this model for interior large door openings. This model can even come in custom sizes!

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