At Buffalo Overhead Door we carry a wide variety of residential garage door opener systems.  All have key advantages and benefits depending on your specific needs. We carry openers by Liftmaster and Guardian, both are recognized for quality, value, and warranty.

Guardian Garage Door Opener


Guardian is one of the largest and most vertically integrated manufactures of garage door openers and garage door hardware. Guardian has you covered with strong reliable chain and belt drive systems with optional features such as on-board bluetooth stereo speakers and battery back-up systems. You are sure to find a Guardian that meets your needs.

Visit the Guardian website today to learn more.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener


Residential garage door openers offer a broad selection in performance, features and durability.  Featuring chain drive, belt drive and jack shaft openers, Liftmaster openers are a proven performer.  Additional features include wifi capability and battery back up. 

Visit the Liftmaster website today to learn more.