As an authorized dealer of General Doors Coorporation, and Cloplay Garage Door, we are able to offer our customers many options. Due to Cloplay and General Doors large product offering, we encourage you to use the Door Designer to learn more about the products.

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Q: Why won’t my remote-control work unless I am right next to my door

A: Weak batteries can reduce the range of your remote, also certain LED bulbs can interfere with the signal. If you recently installed LED bulbs in the garage area remove them and try your remote again. If your problem persists, please call our office to arrange a service call.

Q: I put a new battery in my remote control and it still doesn’t work.

A: Occasionally when a battery goes bad your remote may lose its programming, consult your owner’s manual on how to reprogram your remote.

Q: My garage door is opening on its own, what can I do.

A: The first thing to check is all your remotes, make sure the button on the remote is not sticking. Also, remotes left in drawers or consoles can accidently activate your door as they may move around and the button could accidentally be activated.

Q: My garage door is extremely heavy and difficult to open, will a garage door opener solve this problem.

A: No, your garage door must work easily by hand in order for a garage door opener to work properly. An improperly balanced garage door can be very dangerous, call our office to have it repaired professionally.

Q: Should I install or repair my own garage door.

A: Installation or repair of garage doors entails dealing with the inherent dangers associated with certain parts and procedures. Serious injury or death could result from a mistake performed by an untrained individual. Your garage door should only be serviced by a trained professional. Please call our office to arrange a professional repair by one of our technicians.