Personalize the Color of Your New Raynor Garage Door

New Raynor ColorWave™ Custom Garage Door Colors

One of the nice things about fresh, new Raynor garage doors is how they can instantly dress up the appearance of your garage as well as the curb appeal of your entire home. Now, with our new Raynor ColorWave™ paint options, you can customize that fresh new look even further with any of 1,500 distinctive garage door colors. Go bold. Be different. Or simply choose a color that more accurately matches your front door or other exterior elements of your home.

The new Raynor ColorWave™ post-paint system applies a third layer of paint that is specially formulated to bond with Raynor pre-painted and galvanized steel sectional doors. Utilizing color selections from Sherwin-Williams®, these rugged industrial-grade Polane® enamel coatings are made specifically for factory application to Raynor garage doors.

Raynor believes so strongly in this new paint system that we are backing it with a 5-year warranty.

Had enough of the same ‘ol colors you see in other garage doors?

Perhaps it’s time to break from the look of other homes in your neighborhood. Ask your Raynor Dealer about the newest garage door colors available to give your home a mark of distinction.

Top 20 ColorWave™ Colors to Start Your Planning

Though white and beige are still popular in garage doors, the new ColorWave™ palette offers the flexibility to give your garage door a personal touch. As thought starters, check out these Top 20 color selections from our design team. Note that the darker colors are also offered in solar reflective formulations for extra protection against fading.

Colors may display differently on your monitor. Contact us to view actual color chips.

Choosing the Best Raynor Garage Door Materials for Your Home and Climate

The range of garage door styles, colors and accessories are continuing to grow in some bold new directions. Still, because of their proven performance advantages, the different materials offered tend to fall into 5 main categories. Knowing which materials are best for your garage may help you choose a door solution that will last longer and ultimately save you money. Here is a quick summary of the primary questions to ask before making your choice.

For many of our customers, the shopping process usually starts with a consideration of door aesthetics. And that’s certainly fine. We do want you to love your door selection, how it will dress up your home and give it interesting new curb appeal. But there are many additional factors to consider that relate directly to durability and practicality.

Your local Raynor Dealer can be a big help in walking you through material choices that make sense for your home’s style and for best performance in your climate.



Whether you are choosing garage doors for a new home or you are replacing older units, you’ll find that steel leads the way in overall selection. Its popularity is largely due to its design flexibility along with proven performance in all climates.

As a leading manufacturer of steel sectional doors, Raynor also uses steel panels in commercial installations such as loading docks, fire stations, and industrial buildings. Steel provides good strength-to-weight capability plus lower maintenance than wood. Best for residential uses are double-layered galvanized steel doors with foam insulation in the cavity, providing up to 18 R-value in 2-inch thick models.


  • Stronger, lighter weight than many all-wood doors.
  • Wide range of durable finishes, designs, window options, and sizes/configurations.
  • Low maintenance – just hose and go.
  • Can be ordered with foam insulation for added strength and high R-value.
  • Generally longest warranties.
  • Climates: all


  • Moderate resistance to dents. TIP: Ask for heavier gauge steel such as used in Raynor Aspen™ Series.
  • Potential corrosion over time if not galvanized steel that is also properly primed and painted.


Revered for its authenticity and natural beauty, wood is perhaps the most “classic” garage door material. You can order a wood door in several different species and finishes. Customized looks are also commonly available from selected manufacturers.


  • Rich, vintage styling. Looks great with stone, stucco, brick and other high-quality exteriors.
  • Potential tie-in with wood entry doors and other visual elements of your home.
  • Strong, rugged feel and performance.
  • Can last a long time with proper maintenance.
  • Best climates: moderate temperatures, dry air.
  • Avoid climates with substantial rain, humidity, and prolonged high temperatures.


  • Higher cost than most other door materials.
  • Requires refinishing periodically.
  • Prone to warping, rotting in wet climates.
  • A tendency to expand and contract with temperature, cracking finishes.
  • Doors tend to be heavy, requiring more expensive, heavy-duty openers.
  • Less insulation value than foam insulated doors.

If you like the look of wood but are unsure of its suitability for your application, some alternatives to consider include:

Wood Alternative A: Wood-on-steel overlay doors
Real wood panels are applied to steel for structural integrity along with foam insulation for additional strength as well as energy savings.

Example: Rockwood Series™ red cedar from Richards-Wilcox, our Raynor company in Canada.

Wood Alternate B: Woodgrain vinylboard-on-steel overlay doors
In this combination, the door exterior features an environmentally stable trim material with embossed wood grain effect, all applied to strong steel panels. Providing the character of wood along with long-lasting, low-maintenance design, this type of door is available in Carriage House and other popular styles.

Example: RockCreeke™ design by Raynor.

Wood Alternative C: Woodgrain-textured steel doors
New steel surfacing technology has made it possible to imprint realistic wood textures onto steel panels, providing an installed appearance and textural feel that is hard to distinguish from real wood. Ask your Raynor dealer to show you some example panels. You may be surprised how easily you can configure a door with the look of wood along with the performance of steel.

Example: Raynor Aspen AP200 steel doors.


For contemporary styling and unique glass options, aluminum garage doors offer exceptional curb appeal. Their streamlined looks can be customized with anodized or powder coat finishes in a wide array of colors. Known for low maintenance, this is the material to consider if you live in coastal areas or anywhere humidity is the norm.

Aluminum doors are also offered with a choice of glass including clear as well as semi-transparent designs plus different textures to complement your home’s architecture. The glass can be configured with mixed-size glass inserts as well as in combination with solid panel inserts. Raynor offers a choice of 3 profiles for the door framing: custom, wide and narrow.

Example: Raynor StyleView™ aluminum doors with tinted bronze glass panels.


  • Naturally corrosion-resistant.
  • Lightweight and strong for single as well as double-wide doors.
  • Wide choice of full-view glass options and frame widths/colors.
  • Climates: all, including coastal areas.


  • Generally more expensive than steel doors.
  • Lower R-value due to lack of insulation.


Providing a fair simulation of wood appearance, fiberglass doors may be an option if you prefer that general design genre. The material can be molded in a variety of textures and colors. Similar to steel doors, fiberglass doors can be two-sided and filled with foam insulation for energy efficiency as well as block street noise. Applying a clear protective coating every few years is the only maintenance required. (Fiberglass doors are not presently offered by Raynor.)


  • Available simulated wood designs.
  • Lower maintenance than wood.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Climates: warmer regions, including coastal areas.
  • Avoid extreme cold climates.


  • Underlying material can yellow, especially in harsh climates.
  • Some fiberglass doors have been known to crack in harsh winters.


While vinyl doors have durability advantages over wood, most in this category are certainly no substitute for a well-constructed steel door. While better quality vinyl doors are paired with steel (vinyl clad), most simply consist of vinyl sheeting over a lightweight aluminum grid frame. They do not offer the same strength or aesthetic appeal of other door materials. And like many plastics, vinyl can fade with exposure to UV. That is especially true of darker vinyl colors, though UV protection may vary by manufacturer.


  • Lightweight, low maintenance
  • Generally on the lower range of cost
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Crack- and scatch-resistant
  • Climates: Moderate temperatures.
  • Avoid climates with extreme heat or high elevations.


  • Potential color fading if not UV protected

If you are considering a garage door purchase, explore all of the material choices with the assistance for Buffalo Overhead Door professional dealer that knows what selections will look good longer and save on maintenance over the long term.

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Would you like to add a bit of security to your home? Maybe you’re sick of struggling to open your old garage door. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place. Buffalo Overhead Door is the local source for Lift Master garage door openers. If you live in Western New York, our skilled technicians are available install the latest overhead technologies to hit the market.

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Commercial & Residential Garage Doors

About Trac-Rite® Rolling Doors

Are you researching which type of garage door will be best for your home or business? Let us here at Buffalo Overhead Door help! Trac-Rite® sells high-quality up doors that will protect your possessions and your property.

Your Options

  • Model 944 (made for residential & self-storage uses)
  • Model 955 (made for commercial use)
  • Model 988 (ideal for large openings)

Model 944

The Model 944 could be the perfect fit for your home. This option is durable, attractive, and is even available in a selection of colors. This model can even come in custom sizes!

Model 955

The Model 955 is best used for light-duty commercial properties including for farm buildings, warehouses, and auto body shops. This model is ideal if your commercial properties who have large door openings and building who have high eave structures and low door heights.

Model 988

The Model 988 is best used for commercial properties including warehouses, car washes, and shipping docks for industries. As a durable and attractive option, it even requires minimum maintenance for years to come. Most business use this model for interior large door openings. This model can even come in custom sizes!

To learn more, get in touch with us today!

Get Your Overhead Door Ready for the Elements Soon!

Your overhead doors and garage doors should be ready for the winter season. This fall is the perfect time to contact Buffalo Overhead Door about getting your door prepped for the elements! In need of a need door? At Buffalo Overhead, we have the highest quality of overhead doors from companies like Lift Master, Clopay and many others. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Buffalo Overhead Door today!

Why Choose Intellicore® Insulation Technology?

When the residents of Buffalo, NY come to Buffalo Overhead Door, they rely on us to supply them with the highest-quality and most innovative garage doors available on the market. After all, we are an authorized dealer for Cloplay Garage Door products, so we offer all kinds of options.

Our team of professionals count on Cloplay because they are always creating new and state-of-the-art designs for garage doors of all kinds. Introducing Intellicore® Insulation TechnologyCloplay’s Intellicore® insulation technology is a proprietary product that is a much warmer, quieter, and stronger choice for homeowners looking for a new garage door. The strength and durability of this product is impeccable and when the cold Buffalo winters role around, your garage door will be able to stand up to the harsh elements.

So what makes this technology so great? We’ll break it down.It’s Warmer.Can you believe that a garage door can help make your home or building more energy efficient? The Intellicore® door seals in your heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer because it has some of the highest R-values in the industry. It will help make your property comfortable no matter the season! It’s Quieter.No longer will you be bothered by wind, sleet, hail or rain hitting your garage door. These insulation doors are quieter than non-insulated doors, and you’ll notice the difference right away.It’s Stronger.Tests show that Intellicore® doors are nearly twice as strong as other polystyrene doors of the same thickness. It’s because our proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into the door expands throughout the entire door and helps resist everyday annoyances. If you’re interested in learning more about this Intellicore® insulation technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team. We would be happy to go over with you more about this amazing product, and why it would be a great addition to your property. Get in touch with us today to start the conversation!